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Secrets of the SuperOptimist
ISBN: 0-9774807-0-4
ISBN 13 DIGIT: 978-0-9774807-0-8
160 pages
Price: $10.95


SuperOptimist headquarters

Praise From On High ...

“This volume could become the self-help of choice for people who don't read self-help. A quirky, unique primer, it provides more than 100 points of advice for achieving SuperOptimism, defined as "the mental discipline to reframe any situation into a favorable outcome." The book also includes exercises and appendixes, as well as a handy, all-purpose slogan for 2007: "I can handle it." Whether or not one can, in fact, handle it, Morton and Whitten provide plenty of fresh perspective from way out in left field.”
- Publisher's Weekly

“While the Masons offer secret handshakes and the Shriners offer the secret of how to drive a really tiny car, there is now a single volume that unveils a broad array of secrets we can actually use. This collection tells it like it is, providing - in a highly amusing and easily digestible form - a wide variety of rules for being more optimistic than you were 10 minutes ago. Give a copy to a petulant teenager, give a copy to an old curmudgeon, give a copy to your depressed roommate, stick one in the bathroom and leave a copy in a motel on top of the Gideon Bible.”
- The Huffington Post

“One of our numerous resolutions is to be more optimistic, so when we got a copy of this hysterical book, we knew we were on the right track.”
- Rolling

“Fact-based psychology meets punk rock sensibility. This book will help you survive the cultural pitfalls of the 21st Century.”
-Dan Kennedy, author: "Loser Goes First" (Random House/Crown) & McSweeney's contributor

“Incredibly funny. My favorite secret? Saving the truth for special occasions.”
- Bill Bastone, editor of and author: "The Dog Called 911" (Little, Brown)

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In a world full of dubious self-help solutions, Secrets of the SuperOptimist offers the definitive approach for overcoming each and every "negative" issue you may face -- including fear, anxiety, depression, anger, obesity, sexual dysfunction, bad haircuts, and more.

People's problems range from the large (financial insolvency, drug addiction) to the small (shirt stains, forgotten birthdays). No matter what size the trouble, SuperOptimism alleviates the stress of life's woes by teaching the mental discipline to reframe any situation and steer it towards a favorable outcome.

In SuperOptimist, you'll find unusual "Secrets" to overcoming self-doubt and succeeding in any situation, like these:

Secret #45: Set no goals, then marvel as you exceed them.
Secret #55: Turn yourself into a fictional character.
Secret #24: Act like a mallard.
Secret #60: Half empty? Half full? Not your concern.

Whether it's a broken heart, a broken umbrella, or a broken fibula - why turn to garden variety positive thinking when you're 3 to 15 times more likely to succeed with SuperOptimism?

While this collection can be taken lightly, it offers essential wisdom that proves the right attitude can make even the worst problems something to cherish in the limited time we have here on earth.

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